The Wonder of Life



Thinking of the future clouds my thoughts in a suffocating smoke.

Thinking about my past makes my thoughts leap into an anxious state.

Thinking about the present brings an uncertain calm in my thoughts and body.

Our time on this world is limited so do not get attached to its wonders.

We are only visitors who are struggling through our trials to our final destination.

The world’s riches will forever be attached to the universe’s string.

And it will be passed on and on and on to different beings.

Remember, we are only souls stuck in a time-limited body drifting above the soil.

So do not let its wonders trap you in your desires.

But if it does back you up in the corner,

Remember that you will be under the soil you are standing on at any minute.



Isak’s sacrifice







The ship soared through the sky, it rattled and stuttered as it moved towards the abyss of space.

Bella sat inside with her hands clasped together and her eyes shut tightly as prayers of safety slipped out of her mouth. The ship seemed like it was about to rip apart any second until the thrusters stuttered off.

Enroute to the Jakanis Kingdom – 10 hours 15 minutes

Oxygen level – sustained

The system’s voice filled Bella’s ears as her half-opened eyes burned with tears. But before she could mourn for her brother’s death, a strong feeling of nausea hit her which made her head swing back to the seat.

She clumsily unbuckled herself and planted her feet on to the ship’s cold ground. With closed eyes, she let her hands and memory lead her to the washroom. Exiting the mainframe and stumbling upon the hallway, she slowly opened her eyes and looked for any sign of life that might have gotten on board with her.

She hoped to find her brother at the end of the hallway, grinning at her with his sharp canine teeth and telling her how much he had it all under control.

But instead, Bella was met with an abandoned hallway. Her nausea slipped away as she steadied herself with one hand on the wall. She glanced at the small window next to her to see Earth, her homeland, in flames.

And she was the only hope. To bring the only kind that could destroy the Hayus, a kind blinded by power and blood. They had stumbled upon Earth thirty years ago and decided to claim it like they did to other planets.  Of course, humans were quick to surrender, the human army stood with their mouth agape when they saw the nuclear weapons that the foreign kind carried.

But humans were stubborn creatures and did not like to stay in other people’s commands. After the death toll for humans raised. They took action and attacked the Hayus fortress that they built in Greece.

The Hayus laughed and launched their missiles, their special forces, everything and anything that could detect humans and kill them. The war began, the majority of humans scurried away whilst some held their heart and fought, only to be met by their end.

Bella’s brother was a mechanic who worked with his friends to detect any other wavelengths from space, any other sign that other beings too exist.

He stole pieces of equipment from the army. He spent years building a ship that was found in the junkyard, in the hopes of getting out of this hellhole. And one day, one of his friends came back with a piece of good news.

The Jakanis Kingdom,

Defender of the Order,

To keep the universe safe

And it’s beings.

Bella did not know where her brother’s friend got this information from. But she could remember her brother’s twinkled eyes and his hands working faster to finish the ship. To find and locate the Jakanis and not ask but to beg for their help.

The ship was almost done, her brother and his friends came together with supplies and started to locate the exact coordinates of the Jakanis Kingdom.

Until the officials of the area found out. Morning came and they came marching towards the ship where we resided. A man burst in and told us the news. My brother’s friends picked up their stuff and hurriedly left.

It was a stupid idea Isak, there is no saving our kind. We are suffering from our ancestor’s mistakes.

And with that, they left.

Her heart thumped as the picture of a whole army of Hayus marching towards them made her crawl out of her skin.

“Brother, we should go!” she screamed and scratched at him but he didn’t budge. He was in the mainframe, messing with the digits.

“Brother, there is no hope!” she cried with frustration but he held her  shoulders and looked her in the eyes, “There is always hope Bella!.”

And within minutes, the Hayus footsteps shook the Ship’s floor. Bella crept towards the window and saw their distant shadows.

Isak was still pressing random digits. Bella held her head with her hands and it became hard for her to breath.

They could die.

Their legacy would end.

Just for a ship? Just for the hope of finding peace again?

Suddenly, the ship roared to life. Bella squealed and clamped to the chair closest to her. “They are coming!” She informed Isak who was too busy behind the computers.

Finally, the army came into view. With their masks that had no face, with their chests out proud and their weapons clutched closely.  Bella gripped the arms and glanced at her brother who was also looking forward. His nose scrunched and he glanced back at his sister.

“Bella.” He said soothingly with a calm expression whilst Bella held the opposite. “Darling buckle yourself.” He said walking towards her. Bella’s eyes quickly glanced at how close the army was and to her brother who held a grin.

“Bella, you  believe in me, right?” He asked, patting her head.

“Of course! I always did but we need to-” Before she could finish, her brother strapped her body to the chair and shot a glare towards the army that now stood beneath the hovering ship.

“Don’t let my death be in vain.” He said, staring down at her with a saddened expression. He quickly turned her back to her  and rushed out of the mainframe

She shut her eyes and yelled and thrashed, telling her brother not to leave her but her words were jumbled up with her cries.

Take off in T-minus 5 seconds.


She slammed open her eyes to see her brother with his hood up, marching towards the army.



The Hayus bent down and aimed their weapons at his chest. He held his hands up but they did not move their aim.



They pulled the trigger and the blinding white flash hit her brother’s chest as he collapsed on the floor.



Commencing lift off

Bella covered her mouth and screamed. The Hayus stomped over her brother’s body and aimed at the ship that was now speeding towards the sky.

And now there she was, far away from Earth, her home and her brother. The ship drifted away from Earth,  towards the exit of the system

Bella clutched her sweater as the computer that spoke in her brother’s voice boomed in her ears.

“Bella, you believe in me right?”


The Universe and It’s Wonders

The difference between the beginning of the universe compared to now can be described by a bowl of cereal. Years ago, with the word ‘be,’ the universe was born. Layers and layers wrapped around the core of the planets as they floated in the unknown, bundled up together.

However, like a bowl full of cereal, they began drifting away from each other, each on the different side of the bowl. And the gas they carried had combusted and formed new planets.

And I’m here to tell you, that the scientific fact of stars drifting further away from us is not a lie. Humans have mapped the vast universe for years, noting new constellations, new gases forming, new stars appearing every day. And whilst they are blinded by the beauty of the faraway stars, they fail to notice how the stars are starting to drift away.


Far, far away.


Despite, new being formed almost every day, there will come a day when the stars will no longer light our sky. And honestly, I’m frightened.

When I was a kid, the universe always left me wanting to know more about it, wanting to know  if life existed out there, if there was a planet made of chocolate, if the only reason aliens did not mess with us because they knew we are useless beings or they are just minding their own business and all the bullshit movies about aliens invading our planet are just full of lies.

Maybe, these movies are made to scare mass populations into thinking that aliens want to kill us all.

But in reality, maybe they want nothing to do with us.

I won’t let myself be brainwashed by these movies nor will I stick to my opinion and start shoving it at every passerby who wants to express their opinions.

In life, it’s best to keep an open mind for everything and everyone. Always ask ‘why.’

This had to lead me to write this, to let it out to the world why I’m the way I’m. I’m curious, about the universe. How every day it expands beyond the unlimited horizons…

But why is it trying to leave us?

On this planet that we are killing.

Maybe, that is the reason why the universe is getting away from humans who would ruin anything they touch.

And I don’t blame the universe, cause I would do too.